Growth Creation is a management consultancy dedicated to helping B2B organisations achieve profitable, successful growth, stay ahead of the competition and play to their strengths

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Many consultancies can assist with business planning and making recommendations but Growth Creation sets itself apart by helping you to implement them too.

Founder Steve Dance, has a proven track record of turning UK and European businesses with stagnant or negative sales performance into ones that are both successful and profitable. His ethos of integrity, honesty, teamwork and practicality have led him and his team to this success and to be seen as trusted and valued partners.

Key clients include those in the Global and Domestic Telecommunications, Transportation and Technology environments. However, the expertise, strategies and tactics used are equally applicable to help any businesses grow, independent of the sector. 
While every business is different, many successful ones employ similar practices. So whether you need advice and assistance with developing the strategic plans, supporting others to implement them, finding new recruits or even handling the function until it is successful, engaging with experts makes a difference.

Growth Creation provides a wide range of services, including:

 Sales operations and management
 Business operations analysis and restructuring
 Strategic and tactical planning
 Execution and delivery of commercial operations to meet or exceed business goals
 Interim management at Board or C level
 Job specification and replacement recruitment
 Marketing outsourcing
 Non-Exec directorships
These testimonials are just a few examples to demonstrate the difference that working with Growth Creation makes to a business

Niall Cooling, CEO, Feabhas
“Steve was recommended to me via a mutual friend. We were in the position where we had come through a couple of tough years (2002/2003) and want to grow the business. What impressed me the most about Steve was how keen he was to ensure we were getting value for money out of every meeting. He was also incredibly flexible, e.g. if we'd book a day but only needed 1/2 a day, that was not a problem; he never tried to pad the day out. Steve guided us through completely re-vamping the commission model (with immediate positive impact on the business) and put in place a comprehensive (but not onerous) reporting process for the sales team. We have also used Steve as part of the sales team to help us manage large opportunities correctly. He has helped me get a great handle on our business which has been invaluable during 2009/2010. I have already recommended Steve, and I have yet to meet a business that I don't think would benefit from his guidance. And to cap it all he's a really nice guy (even if he does support Wasps)”

Rob Dobson, Chair at DevicePilot and Float
“Steve is an exceptional sales consultant, sales coach and operational sales manager. Testament to this is the fact that he's the first people I call if a company I'm involved with needs sales help. At Actix he was the person we could rely on to transform a difficult situation or change the game in a region. So whether it's establishing a strategy for penetrating a new market, increasing the motivation and success of an existing team or hiring a new person to transform a sales operation, Steve is the person I turn to.”

Anders Hardebring, CEO and Co-Founder at Imagimob AB
“I met Steve when I was heading up Global Sales Operations in Across Wireless. We worked together in order to improve and strengthen our Global Sales Operations, where we despite the strong growth and success faced a number of challenges. Steve’s energy, knowledge, experience and hands-on approach in dealing with all the challenges in a fast-growing, global company was very valuable to Across. Especially we saw a big improvement in our APAC operations, where Steve’s experience and contact network proved to be vary valuable for us. I would highly recommend Steve to any business looking to drive results.”
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